Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Bulgari Visit in Rome

I recently visited the Bulgari jewelry workshops, offices and original store location in Rome. The high jewelry pieces were incredible and it was amazing to see the skilled artisans working on the jewels. These are pieces that are unique and custom made - colorful creations made using beautiful precious stones.

The original store location is just in front of the famous Spanish Steps. The architectural elements inside the store are protected, and you have the feeling you are traveling back in time. There are cases showcasing not only the high jewelry, but also special museum quality shows with antiques and old drawings, and jewelry collections from the brand, such as a recent show of pieces from the Coin Collection, which are pieces of jewelry created with original Roman and Greek coins.
Original Store
Via dei Condotti, 10
00187 Roma, Italie
+39 06 696261

Outlet Store
Via Aurelia, 1052
00166 Roma, Italie
+39 06 661 7071 


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