Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Spring Time in Cergy, France

Cergy X-DetailCergy Window- Red LadyCergy Green WindowCergy Statue of Mother and ChildCergy StatueCergy Violin Store
Cergy Flowers in a WindowCergy GrateCergy Church - 2 TowersCergy Flowers in Colorful PotsCergy Church WindowsCergy Purple Flowers
Cergy Pub at the PortCergy Port - BoatsCergy 28Cergy Church ArchCergy Church StatueCergy Church Carving
Cergy Large Church TowerCergy Church StatueCergy 8

Cergy, France, a set on Flickr.
It was a beautiful day in France, and I took the time to wander through the old town of Cergy (about one hour outside of Paris). I saw some great details, like the colorful window shutters, and small things like window trims that were in the shape of ladies bodies, heads and hands. I also saw a lot of nice typography for the house numbers. The church is from the 12th Century and pretty, although simple.