Monday, October 8, 2012

Restaurant: Best Crepes in Paris at the Creperie de Josselin!

This is a wonderful place for all kinds of crepes in the Montparnesse area of Paris. I am sure you have tried a ham and cheese or Nutella crepe from a street vendor while walking around the streets, at some point on your visits. But how about coming in for an amazing instance of a crepe, in a sit-down restaurant, that is full of charm - with traditional decorations like lace covered lamps and dark wood paneling, along with really friendly staff.

This street has so many crepe restaurants! This is supposed to be the best one, and it was really good. The menu has so many flavor choices you probably never thought of, for both salty and sweet versions. I had a spinach and goat cheese version (after seeing it on the plate of the person at the next table), while my dining companion had a ham/cheese/mushroom version. We had a bottle of traditional French apple cider to accompany our crepes, which you drank from small bowl-like ceramic cups.
Creperie de Josselin
67 rue du Montparnasse, 75014 Paris
01 43 20 93 50

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