Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Behind The Scenes at the Metropolitan Opera in New York City

It was a fantastic time in the three hour behind-the-scenes tour of the Metropolitan Opera house in NYC, through their Young Associates member program.

It was Saturday so everyone was getting ready for two shows that day - a matinee and evening performance. Performances are always rotating so that means setting up two different shows! We learned that there are stages on each side, behind and below where the additional stage settings can sit when they are not on the Main Stage.

I couldn't believe that all the sets (not to mention all the costumes as well!) are made in-house, upstairs. The sets look realistic to the audience, but are in fact made of lightweight materials, and all sets are put on wheels - so they can be moved on and off the stages easily.

It was interesting to learn that even with a full house, only half of the cost of putting on the opera for that show is attained. The opera is an expensive but beautiful art form, and the Met relies on the generous contributions of donors and high level members.

Check out their website for mor information on joining the Young Paatrons Group, which is a great memberships for those under 40 who love the opera and wish to meet other New Yorkers who share this passion, and get access to some great behind-the-scenes events, as well as special champagne receptions at certain operas.
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