Sunday, April 13, 2008

Eat German

Schaller & Weber

Visit this fabulous old-fashioned German market on the Upper East Side for all of your German food needs. With over four types of spatzle (from Germany!), homemade sauerkraut, fresh bread from Orwasher's and a fantastic meat counter you will be able to craft the meal of your dreams. High quality meat, knowledgeable butchers and homemade sausages are a key draw at this market. You can also stock up on pretty painted beer steins, as well as spices, European chocolates and candies. If you don't live in NYC, check their website for mailorder!

For a traditional, quick meal: pick up weiners, rolls, dijon mustuard and (purple) sauerkraut. Cook weiners and serve on buns with condiments!

Schaller & Weber
1654 Second Ave (@86th St.)
(212) 879-3047
(Closed Sunday)

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