Thursday, December 13, 2007

Eat Brazilian, and Practice Portuguese!

Rice 'n' Beans

Check out this tiny Brazilian hole-in-the-wall restaurant in Hell's Kitchen, where just about anyone will love the food. Pick your favorite meat, and a sauce and you are all set. Try sides of fried yucca and sweet plantains. The traditional caldo verde soup (potatoes, finely shredded kale and sliced sausage) is the best I have had in Manhattan! The Carnival Salad is also a great choice. Be authentic and order Guarnana for your beverage. The waiters will speak to you in Portuguese as well, if you are so inclined...

Rice 'n' Beans Restaurant
744 Ninth Avenue (bt. 50 & 51)
(212) 265-4444


  1. Thank you so much for integrating the Portuguese culture into the Manhattan chic asthetic. I've always believed that there was a place for Portuguese cuisine in the "foody" world.

    Next adventure for us: go back to Portugal and do a foody tour. Yum!

  2. Thank you for including Portuguese cuisine in your fabulous listings. I always knew Portuguese chic was coming to Manhattan, sooner or later.

    Our next step should be to go to Portugal and sample the nouvelle cuisine that's being cooked up. I had the honor of tasting such fare this summer and it was absolutely spectacular, as long as you like fish.


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