Friday, October 5, 2007

Eat Freshly Caught Seafood

Point Loma Seafood

Swing by this fish market right after you fly in to the San Diego airport. Sit among fishing boats and sailboats in the lovely breeze of Point Loma and share one of their sandwiches or fish plates. Top choice for the menu is the fried oyster sandwich. Other favorites are the crab cake sandwich, fish sandwich (fried or smoked fish) and the shrimp sandwich. Order a fresh iced tea, lemonade or even a bottle of chilled wine to enjoy with your meal. A great idea is to bring a cooler with ice and take some fresh fish home to cook that night! The huge selection of smoked fish is amazing (smoked at the market!), and definately worth trying a few kinds of fish. Mmm....

Point Loma Seafood
2805 Emerson Street
(619) 223-1109

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