Thursday, August 30, 2007

Not-So-Ceviche Ceviche

Crave Ceviche Bar

OK, I know everyone has been reviewing this new restaurant. However, everyone has been saying the same thing! All the reviews read like a summary of what must have been the restaurant's opening press release...

What I think:

I thought everything I tried here was great. It was not ceviche though! The raw fish was very fresh and flavorful, and the combinations of flavors (tuna with yellow watermellon, salmon with chorizo and mushrooms...) were unusual and tasty. We also tried the white sangria, which was nice with watermellon and peach pieces. The wine list was minimal. The decor was cute and the space is tiny--it felt like being in a little place somewhere on the beach. So, come here for a cute evening, some little fish slices and a glass of wine or sangria. This is no ceviche paradise. The End.

Crave Ceviche Bar
946 Second Ave (@ 50th St)
(212) 355-6565

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